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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Woah derr


     Well, hey there. I'm back. Why? Because I'm addicted. But why ARE you asking? Go do homework. Just kidding! Homework kills brain cells! My blog replenishes them. Psych, neurons cannot replicate/reproduce.

     I'm here to stay I'm here to say I am now throwing caution to the wind! My theme song for it: Crockett and Tubbs by Perpetual Groove. But really, It's because I got my nails done with permanent polish. No more stress/worrying about chipping my nails. I have OCD. And I'm a GIANT nail polish fanatic. So this is a great day for me. I can finally reach for a book and say "AHHHH, not a chip!" I can also say the same thing in a British accent. Now I hope I don't get sick of the color.

                                          Bye. For Realz.

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