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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hello World Wide Web,

      Today, I have soooooo much energy. Shouldn't have that soda an hour ago. I'm actually sitting in my room sing "TROLOLOLOLOLOLOOLLLLLOOLLLLLL" at the top of my lungs rather than doing my lab report for biology. And my lab repor counts for 10% of my grade. I have a brain. Not.
     But, sometimes, you just have to relax and have a party with...yourself. Energy is great. Especially unproductive energy. Oh yeah, the song of the day is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen or Light My Fire by The Doors . I just really love those songs and they are classic and who doesn't know them? I swear even aliens do. "MAMA, I just killed a man!" inspiring! and then there's "C'MON BABY LIGHT MY FIREEEEEEEEEE!" touching. Like, I'm tearing up.  Hey, guess what? I'm going to confess 5 things!
         1) I copied this idea from Anne-Marie Halovanic.

         2) I currently have the song, "I'm Only in it for the Honey" from Country Bears stuck in my head.
         3) I cry anytime I hear the song "As Long As You're Mine" from Wicked.

         4) I secretly don't mind the way beans taste.

         5)In 4th grade, I told Camille it wasn't me who spit gum in her hair when she was asleep, but it totally was. Accidentally, though.

        6) It feels good to get this off my chest so here are more: I sing Munchausen by Proxy in the shower

        7) I never really had a house built out of Cheeto Puffs. I'm sorry for lying in kindergarten.

        8) In my free time, I only listen to Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac. Even I know it's weird.

        9) I'm extremely OCD.

       10) I had to think of a 10th confession to make it even and now I'm bugged by the spacing.....

                                            I love you readers!

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