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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Back in a Flash

Hiya Hi Hi, I haven't blogged in so long. Tee hee hee to the hee. Hwow. Whow. Summer has been fun. I swear it has been really fun. Why would I lie? Bye, B

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Down the Road

Hello Mankind,

        Is mankind really that kind? Yes. So, the song of the day is Down the Road by Kenny Chesney and Mac McAnally. The song is about neighbors that get married or something like that. But that's not why I like it. I like it because it talks about the future and what will happen in the future. Which is great, unless you are engaged to your neighbor. But I guess it coordinates with Don't Stop by Fleetwood Mac. Because that song talks about looking forward to the future, not dwelling on the past. So, basically it's perfect for the week after 11/11/11 at 11:11:11.

                                                                  Ok Bye!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mash Up Day....I Heart Ombre!

Hello People of This World,

     My most sincere apologies for not posting in ages! this girl right here got too busy! The song of the day/week/lifetime/ I forgot to blog is/are the following: The whole Fearless album by Taylor Swift(especially White Horse and You're Not Sorry), I Thought I Saw Your Face Today by She & Him, and In The Dark by Dev.
      Let us start by discussing the obvious: why Taylor Swift is relatable. A) Who doesn't have guy problems? B) Who doesn't want to talk about them but at the same time hates talking about it? C) Who doesn't like country music? Answers: No one. Every single person likes someone and won't admit, or will overtly admit. I chose White Horse because it is pretty, but I chose You're Not Sorry because I know for a fact that a lot of people just say sorry without meaning it. Example: "I'm sorry I lied to you." Meaning: Don't be mad at me, you know you love me and I enjoy manipulating you. People just stink. It's that easy. Staples.

     I Thought I Saw Your Face Today was chosen because of a two lines that just strike me. "The cars and freeways implore me to stay way out from this place". I hate cars/car accidents/ any vehicles besides legs. If a car is going to hit you, you should move. Easy analysis. The other line is "I find things are beautiful in things that are ephemeral(short-lived). For me, this is very true. I always like someone, then when things go right, I crush it. I can't help it, I just find beauty in the ephemeral.

     In The Dark by Dev is just a great dance party song and creepy/funny song. I love it.

     And what I've been wanting to post.......OMBRE!!! Forget monochrome( Kidding! Never forget monochrome, worship monochrome), Ombre is the new trend nowadays kiddos. Its like fading in a color family. If you want an example, google Ombre hair or Ombre nails, or just look at my nails! I rock the ombre.

                                                       Adios Y Vayo Con Dios!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hello World Wide Web,

      Today, I have soooooo much energy. Shouldn't have that soda an hour ago. I'm actually sitting in my room sing "TROLOLOLOLOLOLOOLLLLLOOLLLLLL" at the top of my lungs rather than doing my lab report for biology. And my lab repor counts for 10% of my grade. I have a brain. Not.
     But, sometimes, you just have to relax and have a party with...yourself. Energy is great. Especially unproductive energy. Oh yeah, the song of the day is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen or Light My Fire by The Doors . I just really love those songs and they are classic and who doesn't know them? I swear even aliens do. "MAMA, I just killed a man!" inspiring! and then there's "C'MON BABY LIGHT MY FIREEEEEEEEEE!" touching. Like, I'm tearing up.  Hey, guess what? I'm going to confess 5 things!
         1) I copied this idea from Anne-Marie Halovanic.

         2) I currently have the song, "I'm Only in it for the Honey" from Country Bears stuck in my head.
         3) I cry anytime I hear the song "As Long As You're Mine" from Wicked.

         4) I secretly don't mind the way beans taste.

         5)In 4th grade, I told Camille it wasn't me who spit gum in her hair when she was asleep, but it totally was. Accidentally, though.

        6) It feels good to get this off my chest so here are more: I sing Munchausen by Proxy in the shower

        7) I never really had a house built out of Cheeto Puffs. I'm sorry for lying in kindergarten.

        8) In my free time, I only listen to Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac. Even I know it's weird.

        9) I'm extremely OCD.

       10) I had to think of a 10th confession to make it even and now I'm bugged by the spacing.....

                                            I love you readers!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Katy Perry Knows All

Dear Anyone Who is Frustrated with the Outcome of Saturday Night (AWFOSN),

     It seems like everyone was really bummed about homecoming, with the exclusion of Sofa Asparagus(heehee). So, I think it's easy to say the song of the day/weekend is Wish You the Worst by Katy Perry. It's an unreleased song, so look it up on YouTube if you want to know the whole song. But really, the song can be summed by the lyrics "Let me be the first to wish you the worst".

     I know every single person has felt this way at least once in their life. Either your date ditched you for another girl, ditched you in general, ignored you, danced with your friends and acted like he did nothing wrong, or brought another girl but flirted with you anytime she turned her head. In any case, you probably want to wish a certain boy/girl the worst. And go for it. Be the first. See where it gets you. Most likely no where, but hey, that's better than backwards. Personally, I want to wish someone the best if it's related to me, but if it's with another person, then I definitely want to wish them the worst. And I mean worst.

     The chorus goes a little something like this:
           "Let me be the first to wish you the worst
           'Cuz i think you deserve each other
            Let me be the curse that creeps under your skin
            And when your heart caves in
            And you wish she was me again."
          "Someone had to tell the truth, and
            I'm always honest."

     Those are my favorite  lines of the song. I'm always very honest when I'm mad. Thus, the tendency to wish you the worst. But for anyone feeling this way, I wish you the best and urge you to wish them the worst.

                                                                           Lots of Love,

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fact: Vampire Weekend Does the Best Covers

Hi Readers:

     So, right now, I am insanely frustrated by technology. Like it's ruining me. But anyways, earlier today I was having a great day! I had my make up done to look like an old lady, that's always fun. It was really interesting. You could say that.

     On a different note, a note you probably want to read about, the song of the day is Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac or the Vampire Weekend Cover of that song. Honestly, it is perfect. First of all, FM's version is so raw and simply beautiful. And the Vampire Weekend cover is so perfect. It has that cultural flare all their songs have, but Ezra's voice is just amazing. I love the song lyrics "I want to be with you everywhere". They are just like the sweetest words everywhere. I highly recommend listening to that song. And I mean now.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Woah derr


     Well, hey there. I'm back. Why? Because I'm addicted. But why ARE you asking? Go do homework. Just kidding! Homework kills brain cells! My blog replenishes them. Psych, neurons cannot replicate/reproduce.

     I'm here to stay I'm here to say I am now throwing caution to the wind! My theme song for it: Crockett and Tubbs by Perpetual Groove. But really, It's because I got my nails done with permanent polish. No more stress/worrying about chipping my nails. I have OCD. And I'm a GIANT nail polish fanatic. So this is a great day for me. I can finally reach for a book and say "AHHHH, not a chip!" I can also say the same thing in a British accent. Now I hope I don't get sick of the color.

                                          Bye. For Realz.