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Saturday, July 9, 2011

#toerings .....let's trend them!

Dear followers but more importantly non followers,

You know I love you all, but this next post might offend some. I offend proudly though. Currently, feathers in your hair are a huge trend. I get that they are cute and boho and relaxed, but is it worth it to anger fishermen and fly fishermen? Also, everyone has them now, including little kids. Like two year olds. That's too totty. But seriously, stop stealing tackles and rare feathers used for bait. It's kinda self-obsessed. Like this blog. Great Safari Dave!! I have a suggestion: feather earrings! Then, if they don't coordinate with your outfit, you can take them out and still have fishermen lining up at your door. That's what I call livin' large! Offending still? Good. Otherwise, your life(read:my life) would be boring. So, in replacement of feathers, I'm going to bring back toe rings. Stars, hearts, diamonds, you name it, I have it on my toes. My webbed toes. They are sahhhweet! But toe rings may seem 90's, even 80's some might say, but isn't that cool again? Yes! It's so cool. Almost too cool. Because toe rings aren't overrated. Neither are scantily clad men named Doug on get well soon cards. See, I know what's cool. Why? I'm fly. I'm a poet and I don't even know it. Just kidding, I do. Because I've unsuccessfully entered poetry contests before. But enough about me. Please please please all of YOU stop wearing feathers and wear toe rings already!!Tata!

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