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Saturday, July 9, 2011

If I Could Change One Thing....

Dobry Den readers!

That's the Czech way to start your day! I want to hear from you today! Boy I sure love exclamation points right now!
If you could change one( and ONLY one) thing about the world, what would it be? (Bonus points if you answer in Czech. Of course I wouldn't be able to read it but it would make me smile, and that is your only purpose! Muahahahaha!)If you want to know my honest answer, it would be to change the pronunciation of Tanzania. I hate saying Tan-zen-NIA. Life would be so much easier if everyone said Tan-ZAYN-nia.
Kind of like a Tazmanian Devil. Are they from Tanzania? Hopefully. Because if they aren't, I just made an illegitimate reference which destroys my blogging creducy. My reasoning: any change too major would destroy the preciously delicate balance of the life of me and the universe. Actually, it's just because that pronunciation bugs me.
Moving on, Psych. I'm not. I would actually change my rule so I could change more than one thing. Then I would delete freeways and the word hypotenuse because it stresses me out. Add the Tanzania thing and then I would have four changes off one change. Color me clever.
Ooh, or I would just make fries mandatorily served with all food. Because they are delicious. And important.

Three posts in one day. Quite a hat trick.

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