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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Love And Theft--And I Don't Mean the Band

Dear readers,

Have you ever had something go so right, only to have someone come along and crush it. And I mean smash it to pieces. Like slamming a glass vase on the ground. Well, the other day I was watching Hairspray and What A Girl Wants (gotta love Amanda Bynes) and I realized that love won't just come to you. Nothing in life will. Unless you communicate or try to impress the person. Take Tracy Turnbladd for example, she danced her way into Link's heart AND integrated television. And Daphne, she did not give in to the pressure of royalty and stayed down to earth and fell in love with a musician. But there is always someone who likes to come along and ruin your life. I guess you could call them the villian. The one with motives, whether evil or not, that ruin things. Things I spent a month of my life working for. So easily crushing it. Well, people cannot do things like that. So payback, it's important.

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