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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Putting the Terror in Pteradactyls

Dinosaurs may be not be important to you because they are extinct. Well, ha, youre wrong. They do exist. In the form of Terrordactyls. An exclusive club that let's regular people be dinosaurs. How fetch. Stop it Gretchen, fetch will never catch on. Oh how I love Mean Girls. Terrordactyls are cool, but they are the only cool animal human hybrids. Also known as anihumans. Not to be confused with Animagus. Because those are magical, not magically scary. And by magically I mean there is nothing magical at all about them besides how scary they are. I guess you could say these Terrordactyls terrorfy me. Terrorfy is cooler than terrify.I should name this blog "I Know What's Cool". But that would imply that the above statement us true. And it's not really.

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