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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fact: Vampire Weekend Does the Best Covers

Hi Readers:

     So, right now, I am insanely frustrated by technology. Like it's ruining me. But anyways, earlier today I was having a great day! I had my make up done to look like an old lady, that's always fun. It was really interesting. You could say that.

     On a different note, a note you probably want to read about, the song of the day is Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac or the Vampire Weekend Cover of that song. Honestly, it is perfect. First of all, FM's version is so raw and simply beautiful. And the Vampire Weekend cover is so perfect. It has that cultural flare all their songs have, but Ezra's voice is just amazing. I love the song lyrics "I want to be with you everywhere". They are just like the sweetest words everywhere. I highly recommend listening to that song. And I mean now.


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