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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Can't Quite Title This......

Dear Anti-World,

      Ooh, aren't I tricky? So I'm starting off with some thuper super duper deep thoughts....Here goes it: When I close my eyes I see red, not blue. And I see myself differently. Without eyes. Also....Don't look for yourself where you aren't. Sometimes I find myself where I am. And where I have been.

     Moving on, I can't wait to go to Taylor Swift Saturday. I cried last time I saw her. I guess you can say she's my idol. I guess. No, you can. Not you, You.You know who you are. Maybe....

     Next thing, yesterday I lost my filter. Mentally literally. Like, not my Bobble filter. I've been drinking clean water, no worries. But I lost that layer in front of my brain that says, "Hold it, Bets, you can't say everything you think." Mine was very thin to start out with, but now I just completely lost it. So, I've been honest lately. Brutally so. Just like Katy Perry. What?

     What, What? I just ran. Like a quadrillion miles. I stopped by Africa and Europe. You know, the usual. Fun fact: 3+1=4. 4>2. Thus, 4 does NOT =2. But, 2 is good. 2 is so much better than 4. Unless your dealing with friends. More friends=good. If they are girls. If they are boys. it gets complicated. Then, add another 1 to that 4 and you have 5......   5=I have a problem. A major problem. Maybe I talk to much. Maybe I just am special. Yes, definitely the latter. But in the best way possible. No. Maybe not.

     Maybe, one day I'll understand my life. Until then......I'll keep you posted.

                                                         Peace Out Girl Scout!

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